Energy Logic 200,000 BTU Waste Oil Furnace

Energy Logic 200,000 BTU Waste Oil Furnace

500 Gallon Double Wall Workbench Tank

500 Gallon Double Wall Workbench Tank

Energy Logic 350,000 BTU Waste Oil Furnace

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Get the Energy Logic 350,000 BTU Waste Oil Furnace from AMB Tools!

The EL 350H Waste Oil Heater has all the benefits of the EL 200H and the 140H and more! Its stainless steel heat exchanger is designed to avoid corrosion, warping and weld breakage. Constructed to last decades, not years. With an elevated fuel pack, the pump can be mounted at the fuel source—instead of on top of the tank—so the pump is flooded with used oil, not air! Fuel pick up is six inches above the bottom of the tank, above water and sludge, ensuring only used oil is sent to the furnace. Comes with an easy spin-on stainless mesh filter for convenience. The drain valve makes it simple to purge water or other contaminants that naturally settle in the bottom of the tank. The Class A fuel kit comes with stainless steel interior, double-wall flue kits are UL-listed and meet local codes. With a flame retention head patented design, this waste oil heater creates a larger and much hotter flame than the competitors for complete fuel combustion and maximum heat production. With little ash you can last longer without maintenance. The swing away burner and ash removal port makes maintenance and cleaning of the chamber easier and quicker than competitor brands. Rapidly heat the widest range of viscosities of used oil, synthetic oils and other acceptable fuels with the acute preheater option. Keep it simple. Having an air compressor integrated ensures that you do not have to connect to and rely on shop air. Providing 24/7 heating availability. With a visual indicator you can see, at any time, how much used oil is in your tank. With a low fuel cut off, rest assured that it turns off the furnace before running out of fuel.
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